Overzicht van enkele Linux commando's

Command interpreters
DOS Linux Description
command.com sh Eenvoudige command interpreter
n/a bash Geavanceerde command interpreter
Directory Management
DOS Linux Description
dir ls -l Long format directory listing
dir /w ls Wide format directory listing
cd cd Change directory
rd rmdir Remove a directory
md mkdir Make a directory
deltree /Y rm -rf Recursively delete a directory tree
cd pwd Dispay the current working directory
File Management
DOS Linux Description
copy cp Copy a file
move mv Move or rename a file
del rm -f Delete a file
type cat Print a file to the screen
n/a chown Change ownership of a file
n/a chgrp Change group ownership of a file
attrib chmod Change access permissions of a file
n/a dd Write directly to a device
n/a ln Create a link to a file
Searching and Sorting
DOS Linux Description
find grep Search for a string in a text file
dir /s find Search for a file
sort sort Sort a file
Disk Management
DOS Linux Description
fdisk fdisk Modify the partition table
format mkfs Create a filesystem on a partition
format fdformat Format a floppy disk
chkdsk fsck Test a filesystem for errors
n/a mount Attach a filesystem to the root filesystem
n/a umount Detach a filesystem from the root filesystem
chkdsk df View amount of disk space available
dir/s du View amount of disk space used by a directory recursively
DOS Linux Description
help man Get help on a command
n/a apropos Get help on a general topic
n/a file Classify a file
Editing and Printing
DOS Linux Description
edit nano Editor for novices
n/a vi Editor for advanced users
print lpr Print a file
Time and Date
DOS Linux Description
time date Set/display time of day
date date Set/display date
n/a rdate Query a remote host for the date
Process Management
DOS Linux Description
mem/c ps Display list of running processes
n/a kill Terminate a process
n/a killall Kill processes by name
n/a jobs Display current jobs
n/a fg Move a job to the foreground
n/a bg Move a job to the background
n/a top Display top CPU processes

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